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In a world full of seemingly endless negative mainstream media, brings you news to help you feel good! Let's celebrate the super news in life, give negativity the cold shoulder and promote positivity!

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The team at are nothing short of enthusiastic gifting geeks that are determined to bring you gifts that they know you will love!


That along with their passion for top quality customer service combines a winning formula for a fantastic shopping experience!

Tel: 01455 646241


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Katy's passion is to positively support as many couples, pregnant Mummies to be and new Mummies on their journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond.


Body to Baby's aim is to prepare you for a positive birth (what ever your birthing journey decides to be!) Empowering you with confidence, inner strength, belief in yourself and to trust in your amazing body. You will also learn amazing techniques to keep that calm, positive and confident focus during your birth, for both you and your birth partner.

Then to support you postnatally by building strength & stability back into your body and creating a calmer and more confident mindset to help you work with all those challenges being a Mum can throw at you.


They offer Hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga classes, mother & baby yoga classes and relaxation classes.


Tel: 07779 030227



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OSN - are proud sponsors of Tamworth Football Club and Lambs Media. 


The club has a rich history and a wonderful family ethos so why not come and show your support during one of their league games?

Tel: 01827 65798