A Life After 2020. An Honest Assessment.

As we approach the precisely calculated most depressing day of the year, also known as Blue Monday, I wanted to give you an honest, personal assessment of 2020.

You may have noticed that the media outlet has been quiet for some time and I have to say, it has been for good reason.

2020 has been somewhat of an awful year for many thousands of people across the globe, as well as for myself. Whilst OSN has been a huge passion of mine, bringing as much super news to the population as possible, unfortunately my own mental health has not allowed me to continue to act upon that passion even though deep down inside I knew the country needed positive news now more so than ever. Having a terrible time with my career, personal life and having to contend with all the pitfalls multiple lockdowns bring, compounded my problems. I was on a downwards spiral with no real end in sight. As much as I felt like I needed to prop up positivity in a time of national crisis, I did not even have the mental capacity nor indeed the energy to prop up myself.

They say time is a healer. Is this true? Maybe. What I do know is that giving yourself time to breath, reflect, relax and maybe even mediate, helps you process all that has gone on in your life. Especially in recent times. You need to give yourself that time to rebuild, replenish, revitalise. Your mind and soul are the very essence of who you are, and you need to look after those core elements. It is essential.

I know it is easier said than done but maybe take the time to cherry pick the good things that have come from 2020. Whether that be having the opportunity to home school your children or maybe being able to be more at one with nature. Let us try and focus on the good things.

Several positive stories I have taken from last year are:

Captain Sir Tom Moore raising £38.9m for the NHS and won the nations hearts.

Our priorities we re-established.

Weddings became more intimate and reminded us what they are all about.

Africa was declared free of wild polo after four years without a reported case.

Marcus Rashford succeeded in his campaign for free school meals for disadvantaged children.

Teachers finally got the recognition they deserve.

Scotland became the first country in the world to provide free access to period products.

Musicians used social media to give us personal concerts from home.

We actually had the time to bake, read, cook.

So many things the year 2020 gave us that we would not have necessarily imagined it would have back in 2019.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t sit here whilst I type this with rose tinted glasses on. I know it has been tough, extremely tough. Yet somewhere inside of you, deep in your soul, I know you have the ability to focus on something good. It has taken me quite some time to get that ability back. To be able to see things in a positive light. So I know how difficult it can be. At times I have felt like a very broken man, however, thankfully I feel like I am on the right track to recovery. You can be too.

Let this be said. You, yes you who is reading this right now, you are incredible. You have an inner strength you never knew you had. You have the ability to get through some of the toughest times this generation has ever faced. You should be proud. Give yourself a huge pat on the back. Be kind to yourself.

You’ve got this.

Arran x are looking for your Lockdown Legends! Is there someone in your community that has really stepped up to help? Maybe a member of your family has been there to support you through your darkest days? Let us celebrate them!

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