One month on from launch of OSN

One month on from the launch of, founder Arran Rooke reflects on what an incredible journey it has been so far:

'Since the launch of the feedback has been incredible.' Arran states. 'The beautiful thing about this platform is I get to engage with all manner of people and the one thing that truly strikes me is, we all have our own story to tell.'

Arran came up with the idea for in the middle of 2019 because he noticed that the general feeling within the UK was all doom and gloom. 'I don't think mainstream media helps in some respects.' Arran says. 'It generally seems to be very negative news and no real focus on the good things that are going on in so many communities. I know people that refuse to watch the news or read newspapers because the negativity is so rife,'

During the inception of, Arran had already approached people to ask if they would like to share their story in preparation for the launch day and they duly agreed. 'Take Emma Lapsley's and Issy Simpson's stories for example.' Arran continued. 'What incredible people they are. To go through what they have gone through yet remain so positive astounds me. The response OSN got after their stories were published was amazing and may I say nothing short of what those girls deserve. After launch I had a wonderful message of Emma saying she had felt like a celebrity because since her story was published, she has had people contact her who are going through similar journeys. For me that's everything. It shows this platform works. Not only does it promote positive news, highlights people who are doing great things, it also creates a little community where readers can relate to the featured stories that are published. A little family if you will. More often than not mainstream media groups do not pick up stories like that nor do they promote people that are doing great things in their communities, which is why I wanted to launch this platform and go against the grain.'

Since went live on the 29th October 2019 to date (24th November 2019), the reach figures came somewhat of a surprise to Arran. '2145 direct site visitors' Arran explained. '10,500 post reach on Facebook and I'm just waiting for the figures from Instagram. I am astonished! The great thing is this is only the beginning. With more great stories coming through the pipeline and local media taking an interest, I really hope the traction continues. I wish to reach more people than ever before, promote great people the way they deserve to be promoted and continue to build on this little community where readers can relate and take away something positive from the featured stories they read.'

If you or someone you know would like their story featured please contact . Alternatively if you have a community or charity event you would like to promote then please go through the same channel.