Body to Baby hand over £207 to Leicestershire Home Birth Team!

The wonderful Katy Cooper and the team at Body to Baby have handed over a super £207 to the Leicestershire Home Birth Team which will raise money for two new birthing pools!

The money was raised during an event that Body to Baby host called NewLife. NewLife parties celebrate the new life that parents bring into the world as well as support expecting parents that are about to go through the incredible journey. Local businesses offer generous raffle prizes which help raise money for this fantastic cause.

When it comes to home birth, the Leicestershire team are nothing short of incredible. Their staff are a dedicated, kind hearted bunch who really do love their jobs.

On the Leicester Maternity Services website, it states:

‘Approximately 2% of women choose to have a home birth in Leicestershire.

If this is not your first baby having a home birth is particularly suitable because the rate of interventions is lower and the outcome for the baby is no different compared with a birth in the Obstetric Unit. If this is your first baby there is a small increase (4 more per 1,000 births) on the risk of an adverse outcome for the baby such as the baby having a serious medical problem compared with birth in any other setting.

The rate of spontaneous vaginal birth is higher at home than in a birth centre that is run alongside the Obstetric Unit (OBC or MBC).

Skilled community midwives provide this 24 hour service and plan this with you. A risk assessment is carried out at 36 weeks to ensure a home birth remains a suitable option.

The midwife comes to your home with equipment including entonox (gas and air) when you are in established labour and leaves approximately 2 hours after the birth. Pools can be hired privately for use in the home should you wish to have a water birth at home.

To find out more about having a home birth, please contact the team on: Tel. 0116 258 3425’

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Well done to Katy and all who were involved in the handing over the £207 cheque. OSN are sure those funds will make a huge difference to the Leicestershire Homebirth Team and expecting parents to come. Keep up the great work!